Brand Spotlight: TerrAscend

TerrAscend proudly refers to itself as a “Leading Vertically-Integrated North American Operator.”  It says precisely that on the first page of its website. As carriers of

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Brand Spotlight: Miss Grass

Breaking the negative stigmas associated with cannabis is something we’re passionate about at Phasal. Thus, we’re proud to associate and carry brands that strive to

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Brand Spotlight: &Shine

&Shine prides itself on being there for adult recreational cannabis consumers, no matter their smoking, vaping, or edible preferences.  When navigating &Shine’s curated collection of

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Cannabis Terpenes 101: Myrcene

In the vibrant world of cannabis, terpenes play a pivotal role in defining the aroma, flavor, and therapeutic effects of different strains.  Among these, myrcene

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Cannabis Terpenes 101: Pinene

Those on the outside looking in might mistakenly think that recreational adult cannabis users are most interested in getting rip-roaring high from consuming the related

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Cannabis Terpenes 101: Limonene

The cannabis experience entails multiple components. Yes, there’s the inebriation of the matter. Most people smoke to feel the psychoactive effects and expand their minds.

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Cannabis flower bud and shatter concentrate

Introduction to Cannabinoids

Cannabis isn’t new. Its earliest roots go back to ancient times. However, cannabis’ introduction to the mainstream as a legal, recreational, adult-use product is new.

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Cannabis terpenes including limonene, pinene, and more.

Introduction To Terpenes

When we discuss cannabis, quality, and potency, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) tends to receive all the spotlight and adulation.  In fairness, THC is the psychoactive component of

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