Brand Spotlight: Miss Grass

Breaking the negative stigmas associated with cannabis is something we’re passionate about at Phasal. Thus, we’re proud to associate and carry brands that strive to broaden mindsets surrounding the fabled plant.

Miss Grass embodies this notion of going above and beyond in the name of the cannabis plant, focusing on harnessing all its components for good.

Case in point: Forbes cites how Miss Grass is actively changing the cannabis narrative.

We’ll note that there’s nothing wrong with running a legal cannabis business to make a living (and then some!) and not have to worry about big-picture issues. In fact, there’s everything right with it. That’s the environment we should be living in—where growers and dispensaries can cultivate and sell cannabis products without worrying about any grand notions.

However, we’re still at the beginning of the legal cannabis journey in the US, and brands like Miss Grass consistently pave the way for change.

What Does It Mean To “Change The Narrative” Surrounding Cannabis?

The stigma surrounding cannabis is no secret to anyone. Anti-progressives with bad takes pedal misinformation about “potheads” being lazy degenerates and every other negative stereotype imaginable.

Even cannabis-friendly media has let us down in the past. Take “stoner comedy” movies. We all enjoy them, but they don’t exactly paint the most ideal picture. It’s all Funyuns, giggles, and Jerry Garcia. While those aspects can be an enjoyable part of the experience, there’s more to cannabis than aimlessness and silliness.

Miss Grass unveils the greater, more nobler truths about the cannabis plant. Their elevated approach reveals itself in the quality and purpose of their products.

Furthermore, Miss Grass is committed to making the world a better place.

The brand’s philanthropic efforts prove its willingness to walk the walk. For instance, 1% of every Miss Grass Hemp + Herb Minis purchase is donated to needy communities.

Social consciousness is a crucial trait of Miss Grass, as proven by its affiliates, including:

  • National Bail Out.
  • Trans Lifeline.
  • Women’s Prison Association.
  • The Hood Incubator.
  • Success Centers.
  • Cage-Free Cannabis.

Cultivating Cannabis For The Times

Intertwined with Miss Grass’s more elevated philosophy is that it isn’t just weed—it’s weed for the times.

What does that mean, precisely?

Well, there’s a more philosophical way of looking at it. They’re a timely brand, tapping into the current culture and issues. Miss Grass is informed, educated, and passionate about making the world a better place.

More granularly, “weed for the times” means being there for any time in your life.

Is it time for you to restore yourself or be inspired? Do you need time for recreation or contemplation? What about time for connecting with the world around you or a close or new friend? You may need time to release yourself from your troubles.

Whether looking for “fast times” to bloom and play, “quiet times” to anchor and restore, “all times” of harmony and flow, or “half times” of casual balance, Miss Grass offers the time of your life.

So, when it’s time to spark some good times, count on Miss Grass’s exceptional cannabis offerings to be on time and raring to go.

A Heightened Focus On Conscious Cannabis Use

A primary focus for Miss Grass is the idea of conscious cannabis use—being more attuned to what you’re putting into your body.

Instead of taking the strain as it comes, Miss Grass wants you to find what works best for you, asking what type of cannabis enhances your sense of well-being.

Applying this level of mindfulness to cannabis consumption provides a more profound connection with your high. 

After indulging in Miss Grass’s exceptional bud, you won’t be merely a passenger—you’ll be in control, having molded and optimized your response. 

Miss Grass wants its customers to ask questions about its products and the differentiating factors in the experiences they yield. Clarity is crucial in a positive, life-affirming cannabis experience, even in strong doses.

Quality Cannabis Wrapped In Stylish Packaging

Putting mediocre cannabis in pretty packaging is like putting lipstick on a pig. Conversely, putting tremendous bud in ugly packaging would sell the product short.

Miss Grass strikes the ideal balance, using elevated packaging for its elevated cannabis. Reviews for the brand are rave, with the packaging being one of the foremost talking points. 

Through these efforts, Miss Grass demonstrates its commitment to going above and beyond standard cannabis use. 

Each strain sold is meticulously cultivated for optimal quality and sold in packaging that doubles as a stylish accessory. It’s pleasing to the brain, lungs, nose, and eyes—a triumph of all the senses.

Terpene Rich Cannabis Strains

Miss Grass’s cannabis products are for the times. Yet, their potency could make you feel like you’re stopping time…if not for their careful cultivation.

All Miss Grass strains are THC-rich but contain a diverse enough blend of terpenes to ensure you aren’t stricken with an overwhelming, unpleasant high.

The correct mix of terpenes adds to the overall entourage effect of a given strain, entailing all components of cannabis.

THC alone offers psychoactive traits, but such responses can have ill effects (e.g., paranoia and couch lock) when left unbalanced. 

Terpenes provide balance and contribute to the cannabis plant’s more therapeutic characteristics. The belief is this entourage of components delivers superior experiences versus an influx of one component and a shortage of others.

For example, the right mix of terpenes can give you anything from a jolt of energy to pain reduction. They can also aid with sleep if you struggle to get enough shut-eye. 

A deft blend of terpenes will work to counterbalance high-THC strains, so you enjoy a powerful buzz without the adverse side effects.

Featured Product: Miss Grass Pre-Roll 5pk – Quiet Times

Phasal currently carries one product from Miss Grass—the Pre-Roll 5pk: Quiet Times.

Each .4-g pre-roll has a tiny matchbox for added style, flair, and convenience. 

As the name “Quiet Times” suggests, this is an indica-dominant strain designed to turn down the volume so you can better hear what’s happening around you.

Miss Grass’s Quiet Times strain boasts lavender, spice, chamomile, and honey notes. Its THC content is 24.41%, yielding calm, connected, soothing, and sensual feelings after smoking.

While Quiet Times offers a mild head high, it really leads to more of a body high. 

Quiet Times is best and most succinctly described as a “chill” strain. Those in need of stress relief or cannabis that doubles as a weighted blanket will love these pre-rolls. 

Another Quiet Times trait worth noting is its abundance of beta-caryophyllene, a terpene known for physical and mental health benefits. 

Unlike other terpenes, beta-caryophyllene connects to the CB2 receptors, relieving and preventing pain and inflammation.

Visit Phasal For Miss Grass Products And Much More!

Miss Grass and Phasal align with our shared philosophy of changing the narrative surrounding cannabis. 

We both believe in conscious, responsible consumption and serve our customers to improve their lives and wellness. 

It’s thrilling for us to carry a brand with a reputation for its social conscience and high-quality cannabis strains. “Weed for the times” appeals to our client base, who appreciate cannabis that makes them feel good at any time.

However, Phasal’s selections don’t begin and end with Miss Grass. 

While Miss Grass’s pre-rolls are a standout product for us, beloved by our customers, our selection is diverse. If the Quiet Times indica isn’t for you, we’ve got something else that’ll suit your needs—just click here to view our menu of premium cannabis products.

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