Brand Spotlight: Bango Distribution

Bango Distribution isn’t a new company, but it has grown and developed into one of the most loved and reliable cultivators in New Jersey. At Phasal Dispensary, we pride ourselves on working with companies that share our passion for exceptional products and the highest quality. There are several reasons why Bango fits into that mission.

A History of Excellence

Many people know that Phasal offers a line of Elyon Cannabis products. Bango Distribution is the brand’s parent company. It was first formed in 2015 with the goal of stepping in to fill the void of quality cannabis product providers in California. It specifically set its plan on providing cannabis for diverse needs. 

Right from the foundation, there are some key reasons why Bango is worth working with from our standpoint. They began to cultivate products that were the highest quality, some of which have stood out as exceptional long before other products on the market. Their location in Sonoma County creates the perfect foundation for this thanks to their ability to produce sun-grown flowers that offer optimal benefits. 

Their first consumer brand, Elyon, was launched in 2016. It is their foundational brand built on a goal of providing exceptional quality from cultivation through strain offerings.

In 2021, the company expanded again, this time offering numerous other products with exceptional quality. The Elyon brand now includes several other brands under the Bango lineup, including:

  • The Lid: This is an exceptional, superior quality, low cost pre-ground flower. It is sold in larger sizes.
  • Feelz Flower: A popular option here at Phasal, Feelz Flower is a high-testing smalls and lower-testing kolas that are at some of the best prices around. 
  • Elyon CBD: This product is a full flower CBD product, which aims to catapult the organization into that component of the industry. 
  • Brulee: Perhaps their most elite product to date, Brulee is a premium extract line that is ideal for those who want a high test product that is terpene-forward. The purity is on point here.

Though founded in California, the organization has made the move to expand its tried-and-true methods to other areas. The Bango Distribution company has acquired various cultivation properties to explore new products as well.

Check out Their Big Powerhouse Products

At Phasal, we spotlight a variety of the Bango Distribution companies because we know the high quality standards they are produced under and the overall consistency they provide. Take a closer look at some of the products you will find available to you from Phasal.


One of the most sought after options is Feelz. It is meant to provide quality at a more competitive price (and we can vouch for that being the case). The strains, aromas, and high premium flower are really second to none in this price point.

There are a variety of options available to choose from, depending on the experience you want to have. This line is a three-strain-centric lineup of products:

  • Sativa: Ideal for daytime use
  • Indica: Ideal for nighttime use
  • Hybrid: Ideal for anytime

Their products include a huge range of options for consumption that fit your needs. For example, their super-potent smalls are an excellent choice for those who want to take a break from it all. For those who want a bit less of an impact but more chill in their day, the full-sized nugz is the right choice. 

Note that the Feelz flower is an outstanding product. They developed it specifically to offer a better quality without driving costs up to unreachable levels. 


As noted, Elyon is the company’s foundational product. This is where it all started for them. Elyon Cannabis was developed when the switch from medically- to recreationally-legal products occurred in California. 

This brand is an exciting product even today. What makes it unique is that it is a sun-grown flower that is uniquely able to offer much the same quality and potenency of the indoor grows other companies offer. The difference is that it it does not cost nearly the same.

Elyon is a superior product noted for is quality makeup. They did a great job of producing a product that delivers as promised but also kept it in the price point that consumers need and want.

Why We Love Bango Distribution

As a cannabis retailer, we take pride in offering our customers the best of the best. Often, that seems to come with the highest price point possible. With Bango Distribution, we can offer quality products at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for recommendations on where to get started with this product, start with the Feelz pre rolled pack. We carry the Cherry Stout, though other products may be available to you over time. This product is rolled up and ready to use. It’s an easy way to get the effects you want. This product is specifically beneficial for calming and relaxation, though some people get a boost of energy from its use as well. Note that prerolls come in various forms and may be rolled with shakes, b-buds, or flowers.

Phasal offers numerous Elyon products, including Elyon Flower. Choose from several varieties, including Elyon Flower Candyland, Elyon Flower Cherry Dosi, Elyon Flower Tiramisu, and Elyon Flower GMO. Any of these products is easily recommended due to their high quality and reliable results. When you want to be creative and get an energy boost, we highly recommend these products. 

Find the Bango Products Near You Today

Phasal Dispensary is proud to offer our clients some of the best cannabis products on the market today. We did the had work of trying out the range of products we offer to come up with the best of the best. We know you will appreciate them all.

You can find a full line of Bango Distribution products we offer in New Jersey on the website. Take a closer look at the products we currently have and check back often to find out what else we’re adding at Phasal.

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