Brand Spotlight: TerrAscend

TerrAscend proudly refers to itself as a “Leading Vertically-Integrated North American Operator.” 

It says precisely that on the first page of its website.

As carriers of TerrAscend’s exceptional products, we can’t help but extrapolate meaning from how it describes itself on its website.

Specifically, the term “leader” jumps out at us. TerrAscend is doing more than making and selling cannabis—it’s breaking ground with high-quality products and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

TerrAscend’s credibility is further solidified by its ranking among the top 12 largest cannabis companies in 2024, as recognized by Stash, a prominent player in the FinTech sector.

What we glean from TerrAscend’s notoriety in the cannabis space is that such grandeur isn’t achieved for no reason. Success doesn’t happen by accident.

Leaders in the cannabis space—especially as it pertains to the brands and strains they cultivate—have to earn their keep. The proof is in the consumers’ response to these products, and we can verify that our customers are frequently dazzled by what TerrAscend brings to their cannabis experience. 

A Steadfast Commitment To High-Level Cultivation Practices

Cannabis enthusiasts can easily separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff—the primo buds from the bunk and the shake. 

There’s no hiding from the truth. Stylish packaging and exceptional marketing can only take you so far. Only high-quality strains, extracts, and other cannabis products that deliver the elevated experiences consumers seek can win over the masses.

TerrAscend, with its many brands, soars high when delivering on its promise of quality.  It does so through highly fine-tuned approaches to cannabis cultivation. It embraces the all-encompassing nature of developing top-tier products, leaving no stone unturned in its hunt for perfection.

Thus, TerrAscend only works with industry-leading cultivates using high-yield cultivation techniques. 

TerrAscend also invests in cutting-edge technologies to ensure they’re always one step ahead with the quality, potency, and composition of their cannabis products.

A Strong New Jersey Presence

TerrAscend’s steadily growing footprint includes the Midwest, West Coast, Northeast, and Canada (where it was founded).

The 227,000-square-foot cultivation and processing facility in New Jersey is where the magic happens—how the proverbial sausage is made. It’s also highly relevant to us at Phasal since it streamlines the carrying and selling of TerrAscend’s exceptional brands to you, our customers.

An Assortment Of Cannabis Products And Brands To Choose From

The rigorously honed and fine-tuned cultivation and processing methods at TerrAscend unsurprisingly yield high-quality dried flower. In addition, the leading cannabis operator offers adult recreational cannabis users vapes, oils, and edible products.  

Furthermore, TerrAscend cultivates these six separate, high-quality cannabis brands:

  • Gage: A brand designed for the cannaculture.
  • Ilera: A healthcare brand focused on mood. 
  • Kind Tree: Small batch cannabis with an eco-friendly lean. 
  • Legend: Embraces the rich history and simplistic roots of cannabis. 
  • State Flower: Takes a boutique approach to cannabis flower. 
  • Valhalla: TerrAscend’s edible brand. 

Friends From Up North

TerrAscend’s expansion into the States is a testament to the quality of its products and the incredible growth and destigmatization of the cannabis industry.

It’s fair to assume TerrAscend’s Canadian (specifically, Mississauga, Ontario) origins have something to do with its leadership status in the States. After all, our friends up north are cannabis groundbreakers, having fully legalized adult recreational usage in 2018. 

Remember, while you can legally purchase cannabis as an adult from a licensed dispensary in New Jersey, it’s not federally legal. Alternatively, TerrAscend’s roots are in a country friendly to cannabis, a place with its arms wide open to the plant. 

Thus, TerrAscend brings a fresh, open-minded mentality to cultivation that will further push cannabis and related products to higher places.

Featured TerrAscend Products

Below, we’ll delve into some featured TerrAscend cannabis brands and products we carry at Phasal Dispensary.

Gage Concentrate Live Resin- Fritter Cake (Badder)

Why not start our selections guns-a-blazing with an absolute heavy hitter? 

TerrAscend applies high-level extraction techniques to its Gage Concentrate Live Resin Fritter Cake, which includes 67.31% THC, a bevy of enriching terpenes, and a smattering of CBD for a therapeutic touch.

Instead of curing the flower following harvests, cultivators freeze it immediately when cultivating live resin. This approach preserves cannabinoid and terpene profiles, ensuring fine-tuned effects and robust flavor profiles. 

Kind Tree Flower – Apple Crisp

With over 27% THC, the Apple Crisp flower strain under the Kind Tree TerrAscend brand packs a potent punch. 

However, the experience isn’t too overwhelming, balanced by prominent terpenes like limonene and beta-caryophyllene and a dose of CBD to keep you calm, energetic, and happy when you partake. 

As we’ve broached, Kind Tree leans into eco-friendliness. It appeals to cannabis enthusiasts who have a strong relationship with the earth. This featured strain will enhance those connections, making you feel more grounded and enriched by the leaves, trees, and oxygen we breathe. 

Legend RSO Hybrid RSO Syringe

The Legend RSO Hybrid RSO Syringe is one of our staff picks, meaning it’s beloved by the dedicated workers who have made our dispensary a thriving success. Their expertise and passion make them ideal selectors and curators of products, so we suggest heeding their advice.

At nearly 80% THC, this RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is one of the heaviest-hitting extracts you’ll ever encounter—and you’ll be thankful for this fact after your first dose. 

RSO maintains an extract’s terpene, chlorophyll, and cannabinoid profiles through the use of specific solvents. The results are always a potent, therapeutic experience that leaves you in an elevated state.

Visit Phasal Dispensary To Purchase And Enjoy TerrAscend’s Elevated Selection Of Brands

TerrAscend leads the way for cannabis companies, and its products lead the way in flying off the shelves of our dispensary at Phasal. 

Our customers love TerrAscend’s brands, strains, and cannabis products, finding evident the top-performing cannabis operator’s methodical, dedicated craft in each offering. 

We continually hear about the elevated experiences offered by TerrAscend’s meticulously cultivated and expertly crafted selections, whether extracts or standard flower.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Find out for yourself how TerrAscend can enhance your cannabis experience—explore our online menu or visit our dispensary location. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your feedback on the products and brands in question. 

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