Brand Spotlight: Simply Herb

Simply Herb operates under the belief that good times need not come with a hefty price tag. In addition, the brand’s name reflects its focus on simplicity, as it strives to present the cannabis plant in its purest, most essential form.

The above concepts seem simple enough. However, they raise complicated notions—one that Simply Herb doesn’t shy from with its products and philosophies.

Namely, Simply Herb believes cannabis should be for everybody (of legal age) interested in consuming it. Barriers to related experiences and products shouldn’t exist, especially ones of the financial variety.

Taking it one step further, the quality of cannabis shouldn’t suffer because it comes at affordable pricing. 

At Phasal, we carry Simply Herb products because they strike the ideal balance of viable price points and exceptional quality. 

You’ll revel in the experiences of this excellent value-for-money brand’s expertly cultivated and extracted cannabis products without blowing through your budget. These are all-around wins—maximum good times and bolstered bottom lines.

Good Times Shouldn’t Break Your Budget

Simply put, Simply Herb understands how hard it can be for people to make it in a world with rising living costs due to inflation. 

Recent statistics on living costs show that the average US household spends over $60,000 yearly on expenses.

These costs can constrict you and limit all potential wiggle room depending on your circumstances.

The US is filled with dynamic, hardworking people who make a great living but must make sacrifices to reach their goals. Therefore, sometimes, purchases like cannabis strains don’t fit into spending plans as people save up for homes or cars or want to retire before they are ninety.

That said, don’t we owe it to ourselves to enjoy the finer things in life? We must treat ourselves, care for ourselves, and indulge in rare treats for all the hard work we do. 

For many, cannabis is self-care—a way to heal the soul so you can keep striving toward your goals.

Simply Herb thinks you can have the best of both worlds, offering cannabis experiences customers can count on to deliver quality and satisfaction at price points that make sense.

Cost-Efficient Cannabis Products Cultivated With Nurturing Care

When you purchase Simply Herb products, you’re buying cannabis from a brand that doesn’t suddenly lose sight of their attention to detail because they don’t charge half your paycheque for a pre-roll.

Simply Herb leans into the nurturing, expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities required to cultivate cannabis that leaves a lasting impact on customers, all without obliterating your bank account.

In other words, Simply Herb gives you an easy way to get lifted, spiritually speaking. 

You won’t feel guilty for overspending or shirking your financial obligations. Instead, you can purchase one of their many cannabis product offerings with 100% peace of mind, no worries and frets, and indulge in a satisfying high that sings to your soul.

Keep It Simple. Boost The Vibes

Come into any of our stores and Phasal, and you’ll have a team of budtenders ready to answer your most intricate cannabis questions.

However, some people like their cannabis experience simplified and streamlined. Indeed, factors like terpenes and cannabinoid content will boost the experience, but many cannabis enthusiasts want to know they’ll have a good time with their purchase.

Simply Herb caters to the customer who prioritizes simplicity. The terpenes are rich, and cannabinoid content packs a punch, so you won’t need to ask any complicated questions. It’ll just deliver on a promise for a heightened cannabis experience time in and time out. 

An Increased Focus On Vapes And Distillates

Simply Herb carries a complete arsenal of cannabis products, including flower, popcorn, regular shake, infused shake, and pre-rolls.

Recently, however, they’ve released a line of flavorful distillate vapes. We carry their vape cart distillates in our store. Let us be the first to tell you: They live up to the hype, packing a punch that’ll knock your socks off but in the most pleasing of ways.

Once more, Simply Herb’s “simple is best” philosophy ingrains itself in their approach to its vapes. They’re fun, easy-going, and packed with dynamic, textured flavors guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

That’s all there is to it. It’s that simple. Buy the vape, puff away (responsibly), and let it all wash over you. It doesn’t get any better—until you remember it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Featured Simply Herb Products

Below are a couple of featured Simply Herb vape distillate cartridges we carry at Phasal:

Simply Herb Mango Tango Cartridge

They call the tango the forbidden dance—combine that with the sweet suppleness of mango, and you’ve got yourself flavors that’ll have you moving and grooving.

Simply Herb’s Mango Tango distillate vape cartridge boasts a sumptuous flavor profile of mango, citrus, and candy. It also packs a potency wallop—with over 85% THC. Don’t worry; it won’t take you over the top. Be sure to toke gently and get your bearings, and you’ll enjoy a focused, creative, and energetic high.

Simply Herb Dungeons & Dragonfruit Cartridge

You might look at the name of this selection and ask, “What do dungeons taste like? And how do those flavors pair with dragonfruit?” 

That’s a fair question and one we’re more than happy to answer. Dungeons taste like mystery and adventure, pairing splendidly with the distillate’s citrus and coconut notes.

Given this lip-smacking vape distillate contains over 83% THC, you can expect to embark on a memorable expedition when all is said and done—one you enjoy thoroughly. 

Looking For Simply Herb’s Vape Cart Distillates? Look No Further Than Phasal Dispensary

Phasal Dispenary and Simply Herb are a match made in heaven. 

Our philosophies overlap—we at Phasal also want people to get their hands on top-tier cannabis products without stretching themselves financially. Simply Herb’s offerings allow us to give our customers that opportunity.

With the Simply Herb’s distillate packs we carry at Phasal, you’re maximizing value per dollar spent at unprecedented levels.

At Phasal, we also sell a wide range of other exceptional cannabis products. View our online menu and see what other top-notch brands New Jersey’s top recreational adult-use cannabis dispensary carries.

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