Brand Spotlight: &Shine

&Shine prides itself on being there for adult recreational cannabis consumers, no matter their smoking, vaping, or edible preferences. 

When navigating &Shine’s curated collection of top-tier cannabis products, you’re sure to discover something that caters to your needs. The selections are versatile and readily accessible, promising a fulfilling journey for anyone from occasional users to dedicated connoisseurs.

For instance, are you in the mood to go all out and engage in a full-blown cannabis experience? &Shine’s got choices that’ll make you shout “Let’s gooooo” to the skies.

Say you merely want to throw on your earphones, listen to your “Chill Tunes” playlist, and kick back on your favorite recliner with your legs propped up. &Shine’s got offerings to make everything “all good” as you melt into the upholstery.

You and all your pals may want to explore local hidden gems, such as the cafe for open mic or the art museum to expand your mind. Well, &Shine has products that’ll make you feel “down for whatever.”

Whether you’re seeking cannabis for self-care, therapy, adventure, inspiration, or any other purpose, you’ll discover your perfect match with &Shine. The vastly popular brand caters to a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring you always find your vibe and &Shine bright.

A Brief Overview Of &Shine

&Shine is part of a family of brands under the Green Thumb umbrella. 

Green Thumb caters to all lifestyles and preferences, reflected in &Shine’s selection of exceptional and versatile products.

Another crucial element of Green Thumb’s vision and mission is its views on the cannabis plant—that it improves comfort, health, and happiness. 

When purchasing from &Shine, you trust a brand that takes that trust to heart. They’re in this to heighten your well-being and enhance your quality of life. It’s not just about “getting high.” It’s about fulfilling experiences that make life worth living.

With all that said, let’s examine what makes &Shine’s products stand out from their competitors.

A Rich Infusion Of Terpenes 

All &Shine products we carry at Phasal are either cartridges or edibles.

The cartridges are rich with terpenes, a crucial differentiating factor for &Shine. After all, terpene-rich strains tend to offer enhanced experiences, impacting the flavor, smell, and how the given cannabis interacts with your brain and body.

Terpenes play a critical role in the entourage effect. 

While many people mistakenly think THC levels are the primary difference-maker in how cannabis interacts with users, it’s the parts of a given strain that bolster the sum. In other words, it’s the entourage of all cannabis components that enhance the experience. 

Think about it like this—THC makes a given cannabis “hit harder.” However, terpenes and the remainder of the “entourage” dictate how you respond to the potency.

&Shine’s infusion of terpenes makes its products high-level and a top choice for vapes and distillate oil enthusiasts. 

Cannabigerol (CBG): A Therapeutic Cannabinoid

&Shine’s vape cartridges have high THC content. While this is a positive for many cannabis enthusiasts, such high concentrations of psychoactive components can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, &Shine’s vapes have cannabigerol (CBG), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that interacts with the brain. It functions to buffer THC’s intense psychoactivity. 

CBG is ideal for high THC strains because it helps maximize the benefits of the high potency while offsetting the potential to overwhelm and trigger otherwise adverse effects. Specifically, it staves off the paranoia caused by intense psychoactive response.

Furthermore, CBG’s therapeutic properties include mitigating pain, inflammation, and nausea. It’s also used to slow down cancer cell growth. Studies also suggest it minimizes glaucoma-based intraocular eye pressure.

On top of that, strains rich in CBG have a history of soothing symptoms of Crohn’s and inflammatory bowel disease.   

&Shine’s products are designed to make you feel good. Although the potencies can be high, the makers have achieved balance in their compositions. 

So, with &Shine, you can soar through the clouds without worrying about crashing down.

Highlighted Products

Below is a list of &Shine products our customers rave about.

&Shine Pineapple Express Cartridge

This &Shine cartridge is rich in CBG and THC. You’ll feel all the positive effects to their fullest extent without succumbing to paranoia or other negative responses.

The effects of the Pineapple Express Cartridge include a burst of energy, happiness, inspiration, creativity, and focus. You might find yourself writing a song or the next great American novel after indulging in this &Shine selection.

Alpha Pinene is the most present terpene in the Pineapple Express Cartridge, ensuring you keep your memory intact while in the throes of &Shining bright. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

&Shine Northern Lights Cartridge

As another THC and CBG-rich cartridge, Northern Lights from &Shine offers happiness and relaxation to customers. Those looking for a pleasantly calm and sleepy experience will benefit from this high-potency distillate oil. 

We’d often suggest a product like Norther Lights to people struggling with insomnia or who lead busy, go-go-go lives and must slow down and let their tension slip away for a few hours.

Everybody needs a moment to shut off, and Northern Lights enables you to do so in laid-back fashion.

Pop on your favorite Marlie or Hendrix, puff your Northern Lights-infused vape, and lose yourself to the rhythm and the vibes.

Moreover, Northern Lights is rich in Beta Caraphyllene, which possesses pain-reducing qualities and can help offset inflammation. This &Shine cartridge promises customers a soothing, therapeutic experience.

&Shine Tropic Thunder

The Tropic Thunder cartridge from &Shine stays true to form with its high CBG and THC infusion. Where it differs is its effects. It uniquely combines calmness, happiness, relaxation, and energy.

Imagine living in a dream but having the stamina and wonderment to explore everything around you. That’s what you get with Tropic Thunder. You’ll float without falling and glide without slipping. It’s the ideal middle ground between chilled-out and ready-to-go. 

The most enticing aspect of Tropic Thunder is the strong presence of Beta Myrcene in its composition. This particular terpene increases the strain’s psychoactive properties, meaning every usage leads to adventure—a wild ride the CBG will equip you to handle. 

&Shine Edible Bites 10pk/100mg- Tropical

We’d be remiss not to add one of &Shine’s tasty, highly potent edibles to our featured list of products. Each of the ten pieces of these lip-smacking chewie candy contains 10mg of THC. Enjoy an entire (or half) chewie and see what adventures might come your way. 

These edibles offer a calming experience to customers. However, we’ll note the importance of starting low if you’re new to edibles. 

&Shine’s commitment to quality and versatility remains in their edible offerings. You’ll enjoy immersive cannabis-infused bliss that lasts longer than your typical vape session.

Find &Shine at Phasal Dispensary In New Jersey

&Shine might be under the Green Thumb umbrella, but it stands on its own regarding quality, versatility, and potency. 

At Phasal, people continue to request and ask us about &Shine, reflecting the brand’s growing reputation in New Jersey. To that point, we only carry cannabis products of immense quality that better our loyal customers’ lives—&Shine lives up to that standard and then some.

We’ll note &Shine isn’t the only brand we carry at Phasal. Our menu is filled with similarly high-quality cannabis selections for you to explore. 

Don’t only take our word for it. See for yourself. Click here to peruse our menu of top-tier and meticulously curated cannabis products.

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