Cannabis Terpenes 101: Caryophyllene

It would be inauthentic to act like the “high” offered by cannabis products isn’t a significant reason most enthusiasts partake in them. That buzz, the inebriating effect, is an undeniably enjoyable component of the cannabis experience. However, there are two factors to consider that go beyond the giggles, munchies, or other stereotypes: Focusing more on […]

Cannabis Terpenes 101: Myrcene

In the vibrant world of cannabis, terpenes play a pivotal role in defining the aroma, flavor, and therapeutic effects of different strains.  Among these, myrcene stands out as one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, offering a unique blend of benefits that cater to both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.  This post explores the essence […]

Cannabis Terpenes 101: Pinene

Those on the outside looking in might mistakenly think that recreational adult cannabis users are most interested in getting rip-roaring high from consuming the related products.  Undoubtedly, potency has its role, but people’s desire for psychoactive responses isn’t black and white. Some enjoy intense experiences, others prefer a mellow high, and many can go either […]

Cannabis Terpenes 101: Limonene

The cannabis experience entails multiple components. Yes, there’s the inebriation of the matter. Most people smoke to feel the psychoactive effects and expand their minds. Yet, there’s more to the cannabis experience than “getting high.”  After all, we’re discussing a plant from the earth–of our soil–that’s been enjoyed for thousands of years. The surrounding mythology […]